Sidebar not showing on desktop browser

ChatGpt is not showing the sidebar on my desktop browser. I use Chrome but tried Bing and the problem persists. I cleaned Cache, logged in and out and nothing changes.

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Hi some of your browser extension is causing this issue. Turn off all extension, refresh the page. It will show up. Then turn on the extensions one by one and find out the one that’s causing this issue.

Alternatively you may use another browser profile to solve this issue. Thanks

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I have the same problem and I turned off all extensions off and then refreshed the page and even logged in and out but still the same problem:

ChatGpt is not showing the PROMPT SIDEBAR including add prompt on my desktop browser. I use Chrome. I cleaned Cache, logged in and out and nothing changes.

iI would appreciate help.

Kind regards

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I have the same problem, it just happened to me. The only solution for me was to use the Zoom to 300% of the tab to see the sidebar again. Regrettable.

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Ctrl+Shift+S on windows worked for me.

Hope it helps


And if you want to be a similar ChatGPT wizard…


Absolutely! it works, Thank You :slight_smile:

But I have a problem: I’m on my iPhone and I don’t know what to do with it. Anyone has ideas, please reply to me.

1- zooming in (Cmd > + )
2- then zoom out (Cmd > - ),
a small arrow on the left will show up. it will open the side menu

Same problem with the sidebar only showing up when I zoom in 300%. I was able to fix it by clearing my browser cache.

  1. Clear Browser Cache:
  • Clearing your browser cache can resolve various display issues. Go to your browser settings and clear the cache, then refresh the page.
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