Sidebar Convo Organization/Grouping

Honestly surprised I didn’t see this already addressed, more specifically, upon a long scroll, but this strikes me as an incredibly standard feature that should be easy to implement, while going a long way towards making it easy to find and reference related conversations.

Easiest way to do this is by allowing users to create folders, in the sidebar, where we could keep related convos in one place. A great complement, or alternative, to this would be a tag system. Both together would be even better.

As for now, I’ve had to resort to my own archaic form of tagging, by naming similar convos starting with their related theme (TASK: Create Classifier With Python, DEEP: Boundaries of Consciousness, etc).

This helps a little bit… maybe? Using all caps to tag differentiates the convos somewhat, but considering many of the titles ultimately end up beginning with a “tag” of their own, we mostly just wind up back where we started. Hope you guys are able to add something like this to appease us users dying for some way easily find and refer back to previous convos.