Should I write the prompt in English or in Spanish?

We expect most traffic from Spanish-speakers. But I don’t know the openai inner workings so I am in doubt about the language of the prompt.

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Over the time whichever prompt performs better while costing less (low token count) is the one you should go with.


En mi experiencia, el modelo de OpenAI funciona mejor en ingles que español, especialmente con los ‘embeddings’. Asumo que es porque tiene mas datos en ingles que en español.

Yo recomendaria escribir los prompts en ingles y despues decirle en español que debe responder en español si es necario.

Pero para ser claro, no he hecho la comparacion. Esto es solo mi opinion.

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You may want to consider the language in which you describe your system messages, as well as the language in which the user will be interacting with GPT-4.

If you write a system message that is too long in English, the GPT-4 may start chatting in English😅


I use Thai, which is a far from international language. From my experience I have had problems with English and used a combination of languages. If we do not take into account the amount of content that the AI will use to answer and the issue of wastage of tokens. If you use the appropriate GPT structure (I’ve been using the new prompt structure since the beginning), Found that they could not work efficiently And because it is used in education that must refer to my language and content that is not international. During that time, both formats were used. And the context of the words used must also be in the educational curriculum of my country.

You may test it with Set the communication parameters as follows: language of input- context- in the specified country- language of output, then test the creation according to the variables of time and content, and
Compare with the answers in GPT’s comments (GPT’s opinions are important even if some cases may not match what we know, but it is the people who work on those instructions who have different sensations than us).

English isn’t always the best. Compared to Spanish, it is considered to be the language that has the highest role in the world from the past to the present. Learning to mix languages will help you. But do not completely exclude the use of English from use.

Another important thing is the definition. If the word is in another language but GPT understands the word, you can use that word without having to translate or add anything.


I know this is not about the GPT’s, so let’s leave the GPT talk out of it…

I know so well how you feels.

Sure, English is considered an international language, but only about 5% of the world’s population speak English as a first language, and even including those who use English as a second language, only about 25% of the world’s population, which means that 20% of the world’s population struggle to use English in any way(that’s me!).

But there are so many countries, languages, and cultures all over the world, and one’s own language and culture are very important to them.

That’s why I think it’s important to respect each other’s languages and cultures, understanding that there are so many people who don’t speak English and many people don’t.

Too much training is based on English material training. Most people feel that asking questions in English will get better results.


I think you must have misunderstood my communication at some point. I am a person who has communication and language problems. Previously, I never thought it was Dxlysia, but people have noticed stories and communication methods that almost always use Google Translate. It is even more of a problem and embarrassment that our country’s society needs people with English language skills are too high to be necessary for the job. My learning was a problem and it was compensated in my ability to process information. to replace it, but it turns out that there are times that I often miss words that I want to communicate.

For “English isn’t always the best. Compared to Spanish” I speak in the opinion of Thai speakers comparing it to English. You will find that English will have Its value (importance - difficulty to replace) is high because of its more diverse uses. But if I have Spanish The value used for comparison has decreased. Because in addition to the number of people using it being the top in the world There are also borrowed words from English as well. and also has relationships with other language families. If I’m being honest. It is easier than Thai to learn English. Maybe because of the automatic translation, the meaning of the words I wrote was incorrect. And I remember Spanish is in group of language uses as the default language of GPT platform. And among those languages, GPT is not far behind in understanding English.

Regarding language, you might think that it has nothing to do with GPT, but actually it is completely related. Its presence is something that affects communication and conversation. and the use of human language to change Thus, a greater understanding of language in other contexts helps to cope with change as well. And regarding definitions that don’t have to be in English, this is an important thing that you should understand in using AI and will encounter more in the future. There are users who redefine the meaning of words to make them easier to use. and are often their main language It’s not strange that it learned.

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Hey! I guess this paper answers your question: ChatGPT Beyond English: Towards a Comprehensive Evaluation of Large Language Models in Multilingual Learning :slight_smile:


Excellent paper, thank. There is no one-word reply to my question. We will deploy two prompts and compare the logs after some time.

I guess that’s the smart approach. Share the results later with the community :slight_smile:

Let us know what you find out! It would be great to find more data on this area.