Setting up the call for creating an assistant

Hey AI enthusiasts!

So, I’m working on a cool project, but I’m kinda stuck because I’m pretty new to making apps.

I’m trying to create a new assistant, and my plan is to switch on 2 tools when i create the assistant, the tools i need are function and retrieval tool.

Associated with that I would to add 2 functions one for getting weather information and another for doing a specific tasks.

The thing is, figuring out how to structure the JSON call to create this assistant when i hit the endpoint is a bit tricky. The OpenAI documentation isn’t super clear on it, and I’ve been searching for about four hours now without much luck.

Could anyone help me out by showing how the JSON should look for creating an assistant with retrieval and two functions? It would be awesome to see an example so I can get started in the right direction. Thanks a bunch!