Set an assistant/code_interpreter genetated image as a <img src> attribute

Hi there, i’m new and I have a question.
i’m building a webapp with a custom assistant. I correctly set up almost everyting but now i’ve problem:
when i Retrieve a thead with the API, i receive two type of value: “text” or “image_file”…
no problem to display the text in a div, but in my webapp i want to display the image too in the src. my problem is that i don’t know how since i’ve tried to dinamically create the src attribute. but it seems that i can’t have access to the actual png in the storage.

basically i want something like that:

i can easely retrieve the name of the file (like the image_id, or the file name…) but what is the URL that gives me access to the image for displaying it?

thank you
what is the actual point of access for the image?