Send json data for elaboration

I want send this json data to ChatGPT API for elaboration.
Is possible?

{“month”: “January”, “effort”: 50000},
{“month”: “February”, “effort”: 60000},
{“month”: “March”, “effort”: 75000}

Please explain “elaboration”. I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

We can give the AI this as an IQ test of pattern recognition:

To complete the series, it seems we should identify a pattern in the provided data. The data consists of months and corresponding “effort” values:

  • January: 50,000
  • February: 60,000
  • March: 75,000

Observing the pattern in the “effort” values:

  • February’s effort is 10,000 more than January’s.
  • March’s effort is 15,000 more than February’s.

The increase from January to February is 10,000, and from February to March is 15,000. This suggests an increment pattern, possibly increasing by 5,000 each month.

If this pattern holds, then:

  • April’s effort would be 20,000 more than March’s (since 15,000 + 5,000 = 20,000).

Let’s calculate the effort for April:

75,000 (March’s effort) + 20,000 = 95,000.

Thus, the next item in the series should be:
{“month”: “April”, “effort”: 95,000}.


I would like to pass data even with a complex structure and make sure that it is the base data for Chat GPT to do different types of processing.
The question then was, is there a standard way to pass a JSON data structure that can then be used for base data to process?