Semantic Search using embeddings w Kotlin (Spring boot)

Are there any code examples snippets using semantic search with embeddings API on Kotlin?
I am having troubles having one

The semantic search using embeddings isn’t done through OpenAI, it’s done through wherever you are storing your vectors. What are you using for storing your embeddings?

Yes, it just returns embeddings. Let’s say I store on MySQL, csv, etc, Does it matter? I wanna find a library or SDK or a snippet that does all the math for me about search with embeddings.

Most guides/tutorials will recommend using something like Weaviate/Pinecone/Chroma/FAISS/Postgres(with pgvector) to store the embeddings. They also provide their own methods/APIs to do the similarity search for you.

You can store them in whatever you’d like, but you’ll need to load them all and do the similarity math yourself.