Selfie liveliness check for kyc

Team we are in generation of ai, need to know if the following is possible with chatgpt plugin.

here is the use case, when ever a person does KYC forum users selfie liveliness to be verified.
we are having several third party vendors like idfy, hyperverge etc.
how can we achieve this using chatgpt in any form.


"Hey team, we are currently working on implementing AI technology, and we want to know if it’s possible to achieve a specific task using the ChatGPT plugin.

Here’s the use case: Whenever a person submits their KYC (Know Your Customer) form, we want to verify the authenticity of their selfie liveliness for forum users. We have multiple third-party vendors that offer services like ID verification and facial recognition (e.g., idfy, hyperverge, etc.).

We’re wondering how we can utilize ChatGPT to accomplish this task in some way."

Potential Lack of Clarity:

The original text is generally clear, but it doesn’t explicitly mention the specific task the team wants to achieve using ChatGPT. It only mentions that they want to know if it’s possible to do something related to KYC forum users’ selfie liveliness verification. Additionally, more context might be needed to understand how ChatGPT will be integrated into the process and what role it will play in this particular use case.

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It seems like you need a computer vision product, one with facial ID.

OpenAI currently offers no such tools such as this.

Even moreso, especially for any such personal data use, you would have to sign the data processing agreement to ensure that personal data is handled securely.