[Seeking feedback and contributors] LangChain4j: LangChain for Java

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very productive month since my last post here and I have some updates to share for those who are interested:

  • We have added support for Tools (OpenAI Functions).
  • We’ve introduced Dynamic Tools! It’s similar to a GPT-4 code interpreter, but it’s available with OpenAI API.
  • We’ve added support for the OpenAI moderation model.
  • We’ve added many features to AI Services: support for memory, retrievers, streaming, and auto-moderation.
  • We’ve integrated with the HuggingFace Inference API for completions, chat completions, and embeddings.
  • We did integration with LocalAI.
  • We’ve added a Spring Boot Starter for versions 2 and 3.
  • We now support in-process embedding models! Both all-minilm-l6-v2 and e5-small-v2 can be used directly in your Java process, inside the JVM! You can now embed texts completely offline without any external dependencies!
  • We’ve made lots of small improvements and fixed all reported bugs. Thank you so much for reporting and please keep going!

In the coming week, we plan to release integrations with Weaviate, Milvus, and Chroma.

We’re looking for contributors, it would be awesome to have you on board!
If you have any complaints, suggestions, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Main repo: GitHub - langchain4j/langchain4j: Java version of LangChain
Examples repo:

Thank you for your time!


Today I built Langchain4j examples and was impressed as it worked without any modifications, could you point me to the localAI examples and is there a plan to support Ollama?
This project is of use as my clients use Java and mirco services for integration to Business units.



I too am looking for Ollama with langchain4j as our existing systems use Java as the back end.

We are willing to be alpha and beta state testers. Looking forward AIWizards.ai

Hi there,

is there a forum for discussions / questions about ai4j or now langchain4j?


Hi, you can find a discord link on our GitHub: GitHub - langchain4j/langchain4j: Java version of LangChain

Is this the actually used channel for Q&A and discussions, I incidentally say that you are also using GitHub discussions and also a specific thread (Welcome to langchain4j Discussions! · langchain4j/langchain4j · Discussion #6 · GitHub) for questions? I’d prefer to ask at GitHub, but if you want to migrate to Discord that’s fine for me as well.