Scroll Position when Editing a Previous Prompt is Choppy and Buggy

Whenever I try to edit a previous prompt, and whether I delete or insert characters the scroll position is completely messed up. Either I get automatically scrolled to the bottom of the page, or the top, or it goes up and down, seemingly randomly. Is this a common issue? I have tested this on several browers and I still encounter the same issue. Right now I just edit the prompt in a separate program and then paste it in. Any quick or easy fix for this?

It should be noted this only happens when the current conversation’s length is greater than the window height. If it is shorter, I can edit with no issue, presumably because there’s no room to scroll. However, if I am at the very top of the conversation, I can edit the first prompt with no issue with this scrolling behavior.

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As you note

Personally I have not found a quick or easy fix; if fixed it would be a pleasant surprise for the day.

i got same problem on chrome, use Safari will solve this problem.

I’ts almost 2024 and it’s not fixed, I don’t know why they don’t fix it, it’s something super basic that should not happen. I’m glad I cancelled my subscription 2 weeks ago…