Screen Auto Scrolls as The Response Being Generated

I want to report a flaw with the UI of chatgpt prompt.
When chatgpt generates response in the case that the response is longer than one page screen automatically scrolls as the response being generated which is annoying.

Please make the screen to stay stationary while response being generated since human cannot read as fast machine.

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You know you can just touch the screen and stop it from scrolling while the rest of the answer is being generated, right? You’re already touching your phone, it costs no extra finger energy to just tap the screen and stop the scrolling.

I was annoyed with this ‘feature’ as well so made a fix for that. Please check out ChatGPT Disable Auto Scroll and let me know what you think

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Very bad answer. This is not a type of response that a developer would give to users. It’s safe to say that you are just a normal user like me.

When an end user have to spend an extra effort to counter act a design flaw of a UI or system it means that it is an issue and should be fixed.

I hope that I made myself clear.

It’s a non issue, though.

And what of the people who like the screen scrolling as the answer is generated? It’s a matter of preference, not design flaw. The solution based on your preference, then, is simple: touch the screen as the answer is generated and the scrolling will stop.

Who would want the screen to scroll?! Those must be either insane or a machine cause no one can read text as fast as generated by machine. Unless they want to read from bottom to top.

A design that is not ergonomically correct is a flaw.

There are plenty of instances where one would want the screen to scroll including reviewing lists, generating code, skim reading a response, etc.

The world does not revolve around your personal preference. Sorry you got this far in life believing it to be so.

Preposterous. There is no use case and no one can skim read that fast.

Open AI will eventually come to its senses and realize that was a bad decision on their part.