Result of endpoints for chatgpt plugins are used for model-training?

Hello, everyone.

Will the endpoint results of the ChatGPT Plugin be used for openai model training?

The results of the endpoints for plugins will contain data to which other organizations than mine have rights.
In granting permission to provide the plugin, the rights holder requires confirmation that the data will not be used for model training.

I research similar question in help center, developer’s forum, but I cannot find its.
So, someone tell me a answer for my question, please.

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It’s been answered many times already, here and elsewhere.

If you’re saying you couldn’t find it anywhere, I don’t know what to tell you, it was literally the first result in Google for me.

OpenAI does not use data submitted to and generated by our API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering.

thank you for reply.

ofcourse, I know your answer that open ai’s api doesn’t uses data for model-train.

but, that description covers input prompt to open ai’s api(and output) , its not covered endpoint api response for plugin on my understanding.

[my understanding]
input → open ai api → chatgpt
=>not use for model-train

input → chatgpt → call plugin → request → endpoint api
output ← chatgpt ← response ←
=>this response are used or not used???

ChatGPT doesn’t have anything to do with the API.

If you use ChatGPT your data may be used for training unless you turn off chat history—but then you can’t use the plugin model.

So, if you’re using ChatGPT with plugins OpenAI can, and may, use your information for training.

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Thank you for reply again!!

The plugin results are used by ChatGPT, so unless I turn off chat history, it will be used for training.

I am very glad that your answer was clear and helpful to me.

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