Restriction of 25 Messages per 3 Hours

It is rather disappointing that we are confined to a limit of 25 messages. As a developer, this allocation is not enough at all. You claim to be scaling, but it appears more like a process of descaling. Address the issue , or Let That Sink In.


It is very disappointing that such a limitation prevails here in a monthly cost system. The topic seems to have been known for a long time. I have no problem paying monthly for the service and also being a beta tester, however at $20 or nearly €24 including taxes in Europe with such a tight cap feels grossly inadequate. The topic has been known to you for a long time, as I could see from a forum post from April. When do you intend to act accordingly?


It is actually absurd, this needs to stop now. Remove the limit for premium users , immediately.


I understand there are system constraints, largely owing to a GPU shortage, but the cap is a bit of a hindrance. I’d be happy if I could just add my own GPT-4 API key so it would switch over to that when I hit my 25-per-3-hour cap… That could be a viable workaround for those that have GPT-4 API access.

I use ChatGPT as a pair programmer, and it sucks when I hit the limit right when I’m in the middle of debugging code… and I’m happy to pay more to keep going.


So, we paid, but it is limited.
how mad are you?