[Resolved] Having trouble replicating playground prompt in Python and Curl


Thanks to the advice and guidance from an OpenAI ambassador (Natalie!), my Bugs Bunny chat bot is spot on in the playground! The problem that I am having is in Python or Curl – when I am lucky, the AI returns an empty space. When I’m not so lucky, well:

This links to my Completion.create call (with the prompt) and then the result (with logprobs and echo toggled on for debugging)

Wondering if it is all the new line formatting, quotes, or some other PEBKAC

Any advice is appreciated.



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Figured out the problem… Me. Well, past-me :joy:

At some time in my prototyping, I was using the start term Wabbit rather than Bugs and forgot to change that in the code. Only been doing this 20+ years :crazy_face: