Requesting the ability to branch off from a single ChatGPT chat history into multiple simultaneous conversations and an integrated system for feature suggestions within ChatGPT

Hello OpenAI Community,

I’ve been exploring ChatGPT and find it immensely useful. However, I believe there are a couple of enhancements that could further elevate the user experience:

  1. Branching Chat Histories: The ability to take an existing chat history and branch off into multiple simultaneous conversations would allow users to delve into varied questions or directions from a single foundational chat.
  2. Integrated Feature Request System: Incorporating a direct system within ChatGPT for users to submit feature requests or feedback would streamline the communication process, ensuring that user insights are promptly captured and addressed.

I’m keen to hear thoughts from the community and the OpenAI team on these suggestions. I believe these features could significantly benefit the broader user base.

Thank you for considering my input.


I think the ability to branch is the #1 thing I’d like to see implemented. Often the context up to a certain point now needs to be applied in several areas.

For example of I’m working on a Python project chatgpt might suggest a library I’m not familiar with. I want to branch off the main conversation to discuss it’s use/applicability and maybe troubleshoot it’s implementation. Then once resolved return to the main branch and continue the project.

You can kind of do this by scrolling up and editing your initial response where the deviation occurred to now stay on topic, but you lose all the content that temporary branch had, and the ability to easily further advance it later if required.

Or sometimes chat gpt naturally splits the project/problem into a numbered list of subjects/concerns that are independent (this applies to all sorts of things, not just coding). Imagine you ask for help planning a wedding. It might create a list with items like venue, food, music, invitations, clothing. The ability to branch off into each of those with the same common context about your wedding would be fantastic.


Yes branching conversations is a must for exploring different solutions for code development projects especially.

Otherwise trying to continue the conversation for multiple solution methods in one chat would result in very long responses as well as potentially unfocused or confusing answers from ChatGPT.

Branching conversations would also be great for story writers who want to explore different story events ideas for the same novel without needing to restart the conversation from another chat for every possible store events timeline.

It also saves us from editing old messages to get different ChatGPT answers which unfortunately deletes those old answers.

I imagine that once a branch is resolved there would also be the ability to synthesis its results into a thread it branched off from. This would enable full project development by allowing users to integrate various solutions given by GPT under one broad umbrella