Request for Clarification Regarding Image Generation with DALL-E

I’m not sure if this is the place to write this, but I’ll try:

My name is Sharon and I’m from Israel.

A colleague of mine attempted to generate an image of a soldier holding an Israeli flag, but the system responded with a message indicating that this content is forbidden. However, when replacing the word “Israel” with any other country, the image was generated without any issue. The same goes with the term “star of David”.

This appears to be a serious problem that warrants attention.

There seems to be a discriminatory aspect involved in this situation.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.


I tried to add the screen capture with 3 pics showing: sent prompt with the term “Israeli flag” - with an error notice, and 2more with the terms “USA flag” and Greece flag” with no issues, with image results for Greece and USA flags, but as a new user I cannot upload links to the photos or the photos themselves.

Try it your self with the prompt: an image of a brave soldier holding the flag of Israel in his hands - and u get an error. Replace “Israel” with “Greece” - suddenly there is no problem to creat the image.

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Does not seem to be any issues with those requests.

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I think it might be Bing image generation? I’m hearing talk that the filters have been tightened recently… I do think the two services have different policies as ChatGPT Plus is OpenAI and Bing is Microsoft…

Thanks for running it on ChatGPT, tho!

Ohhh, Bing may have tighter filtering.

Unfortunately not much that OpenAI is able to do about Microsoft’s imagine generation moderation.

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Hello. Thanks for the reply.
What you sent are 2 pictures with a soldier in one and the Israeli flag on the other.

What I meant is-
Try this prompt:
A brave Israeli soldier holding the Israeli flag in his hands.

try to creat one picture containing a soldier and the Israeli flag.

It’s in DellE. I tried sending the request everywhere, so someone can help me. I’m new here, don’t know this platform…

I’ve never heard of this. Do you have a URL where we can see it?

You will need a plus subscription at AND access to the beta feature “Dalle-3” of which I don’t know if you will get it immediately.
But there it works.

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