Request: Assistant API - backward compatible with GPT3.5-turbo

Maintaining memory of previous messages in threads and running jobs natively on OpenAI servers is so useful. With this, I can run different batches of jobs to assemble a dynamic ‘chain-of-X’ in the background on OpenAI servers without re-sending the same text.

GPT4 models seem to get in the way of prompt engineering that I am using to assemble precise chain-of-X context prompts. In other words, GPT4 interferes by doing too much for me that I’m trying to do myself in a specific way.

I’d like to downshift to GPT3 while still being able to have Assistants API functional for just Threads, Messages and Runs. I do not even need to use functions or files. If I need that, I can send specifically only those use cases to GPT4 or whatever endpoint.

But as it currently stands, I cannot use both GPT3 and the Assistant API it seems. Is this true? I’m not sure because when my run never completes under GPT3 models. I assume it’s because I didn’t use “gpt-4-1106-preview” and thus it isn’t compatible with the new API? Or maybe I have a bug in my code?

So is Assistant API going to be compatible with GPT3 going forward? Or alternatively, would there be a way to “downshift” out of GPT4 so that I get more “raw” output that produces more consistent completions with one-shot/few-shot prompts?

It’s difficult to engineer a solution that relies on heavily nested prompt engineering if those outputs are muddied by GPT4’s good intentions to get directly to the user’s answer in a one-shot. I’ll get there myself— eventually. But I may need to do RAG or other tools in the middle to verify or branch into other threads along the way.

I have been using both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 in a single thread without any issues.

In my case, I am using two separate Assistants.

Good to know. I never received a “completed” response when I used GPT3.5 back when I just got the Assistant API working. I just tried it now and it works with gpt-3.5-turbo.

So this obviates my question.