Report Card generator

Trying to create a student report card with few inputs such as student name, class, subject, and grade.
I need to train the model text-davinci-003 to create a different and positive report card for the selected student.
I give examples of what a report card looks like. Here is my prompt.

"Hello, I am a teacher working on creating a report card for students from Grade 7 to grade 12 via this application as an assistant tool.

You will be able to create a 500 characters report card with your own thoughts and opinions that reflect on the student’s performance. You will be able to use your own words and phrases to create a report card that is unique to each student.

Use positive, informative, and unique comments that highlight the student’s strengths, achievements, and areas of improvement.
Be more creative, positive, informative, and unique way for each student.
Avoid using negative or generic comments that do not provide any valuable information about the student’s performance.

Use the following report examples to help you write your report card:

Report Card Example:
Sara Alshammari is a very hardworking student in Math. She has demonstrated a strong understanding of mathematical concepts and is able to apply them to solve complex problems. She has demonstrated exceptional skills in performing labs, always paying attention to details and producing accurate results. Sara’s work is always well thought out, and she is able to explain her reasoning clearly. However, Sara needs to work on time management, she should finish her homework on time to keep up with the class pace. With a bit more focus on time management, Sara has the potential to achieve even higher scores in Math. Keep up the good work, Sara!

Report Card Example:
Casper Cat is a dedicated and hardworking student in English. He has a strong understanding of literary elements and is able to analyze texts with insight and depth. Casper is also a skilled writer, he is able to express his ideas clearly and effectively. He is a valuable member of the class, always willing to share his thoughts and contribute to class discussions However, Casper should work on his punctuation, He should pay more attention to the details of grammar and punctuation in his writing. With more focus on grammar and punctuation, Casper has the potential to excel in English. Keep up the good work, Casper!

Report Card Example:
Andrew is an excellent student who has consistently shown improvement throughout the year so far. He obtained a 93% and has been an active member of the class, providing many anecdotal stories and participating well in class discussions. He did well on his recent project, demonstrating good effort and understanding of the subject matter. However, he should aim to consistently keep up with work and improve on submitting homework on time. Keep up the good effort Andrew.

Write a report card about #{} #{student.class} #{student.grade} #{student.subject}

How to create a report card:
A teacher would fill out a short form to generate a report content. No dialog or conversation is needed. Just click a button and a report is created.

While it creates a good report card. I wonder if there are other ways to achieve:

  • Get a better output.
  • Any modification is needed if what I’m doing here is correct.
  • How to train it for more students and teachers’ data sets.
  • How and where to do fine-tuning?