Reoccuring mistake by GPT-4; seeming lazy

Hello there!

See I´m confused. For whatever reason, gpt-4 will not, under any circumstance, give me two coordinates, which I filtered beforehand.

It´s always stopping. Does anybody know a reason for that?

PS: gpt-4 seems lazy, like it wouldn´t want to answer my questions.

Thanks in advance

The error code:

from shapely.geometry import Polygon
import random

Define the rough bounding polygons of the Bundesländer Saarland and Baden-Württemberg using coordinates

These polygons are rough approximations and not accurate boundaries

Saarland Polygon (approximation)

saarland_polygon = Polygon([
(6.359, 49.395), (7.401, 49.395), # Bottom left to bottom right
(7.401, 49.545), (6.359, 49.545) # Top right to top left

Baden-Württemberg Polygon (approximation)

baden_wuerttemberg_polygon = Polygon([
(7.511, 47.531), (10.495, 47.531), # Bottom left to bottom right
(10.495, 49.791), (7.511, 49.791) # Top right to top left

Generate a random point within each polygon

def generate_random_point_in_polygon(polygon):
minx, miny, maxx, maxy = polygon.bounds
while True:
pnt = (random.uniform(minx, maxx), random.uniform(miny, maxy))
if polygon.contains(Polygon([pnt])):
return pnt

Generate the random coordinates

saarland_random_point = generate_random_point_in_polygon(saarland_polygon)
baden_wuerttemberg_random_point = generate_random_point_in_polygon(baden_wuerttemberg_polygon)

saarland_random_point, baden_wuerttemberg_random_point

From there, it “corrects” itself. But still wrong. I can´t get it to be right?!

Heres the code:

Correct approach to generate a random point within the polygon without creating a new polygon for the point check

def generate_correct_random_point_in_polygon(polygon):
minx, miny, maxx, maxy = polygon.bounds
while True:
pnt = (random.uniform(minx, maxx), random.uniform(miny, maxy))
if polygon.contains(Polygon([(minx, miny), (maxx, miny), (maxx, maxy), (minx, maxy), (minx, miny)])):
return pnt

Correctly generate the random points again

saarland_random_point_correct = generate_correct_random_point_in_polygon(saarland_polygon)
baden_wuerttemberg_random_point_correct = generate_correct_random_point_in_polygon(baden_wuerttemberg_polygon)

saarland_random_point_correct, baden_wuerttemberg_random_point_correct