Removing comments from provided code/text

This has been a recurring frustration that I can’t seem to figure out if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or not doing correctly…

Basically with certain code it just refuses to do what I’m saying even if it’s something simple like “Remove all comments”, it doesn’t remove a single one, sometimes it will even ADD comments into the code…

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the input length being too large
(afaik it’s below 2k so I don’t see why that is the issue)

Or is it simply due to something weird in the code that it’s causing the ai to glitch? if you can see anything weird in there please enlighten me because this is somewhat frustrating and when I’m in a good mood I end up wasting 30 mins trying different prompts thinking it’s a issue with my prompt wording before giving up and realizing it’s a problem with the AI.

Her’es an example of what I want to see:

With additional code present in there, it stops doing what I need:

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Try to set temperature to 0. This is my test.