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This is amazing. Did you also use ChatGPT to create the video by combining the images?

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I tried doing something similar quickly on ChatGPT, also using it to create the video. The result is not incredible, but probably with a bit of tinkering something better can be achieved.

The sketch:

The prompt I used to get a video:

Now, cut the image into the 9 parts, by following the dark lines of the grid. Duplicate each part, and create a video of the 9 parts that reflects the full cycle animated in twos, and convert it into a GIF.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to make it do the “animated in twos” part, even after many iterations.

This was the video I got (as a GIF):


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I used Gif Movie Gear, very old skool (but I own a license since 1999 or so).

It can import Photoshop, write layers, has real time editing, etc… it was way ahead of it’s time.

I optimized the animation a bit, by aligning the floor and it’s eye.


So the movement is not going to all directions.

Stable Diffusion is also experimenting with shorts;

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