Regex’s to validate API Key and Org ID format?


Are there any ‘official’ regular expressions for the API key string and the Organisation ID string formats?

To save pointless usage of the api endpoint, I would like to do some simple pre-validation in my functions before attempting a connection/authentication.

I can’t find this mentioned in the documentation.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hey! We don’t have anything official to do this right now but it’s a good suggestion. Can’t promise we will have anything soon but you can ask ChatGPT to write the regex for you and it should be pretty close to what you need for something like this.

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Thanks @logankilpatrick

I did ask ChatGPT first :grinning:

But not knowing the official specification/format for each; I wasn’t sure I could 100% trust it’s responses.

I’ll keep an eye out in the documentation in the coming months.