Regarding the api pricing calculation per month

What if I used only 520 tokens with gpt 3.5 turbo (Both prompt and response)? Will it charge me by pro rating it? Or will it charge for 1000 tokens even if I have used only 520 tokens in a month?

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Tokens used are kept track of and whenever you use 1000, you get charged, so you will always pay the minimum possible.

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Depends on your payment method. I am assuming yours is pay as you go, so in that case, until you reach the minimum charge (around $1) only then you will be charged and billed. Otherwise, it will just roll-over to the next month.

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Tokens are not billed in increments of 1000. They are only displayed that way in the price list so you don’t have minuscule values (and it would be easier to compare in per-million units.)

      "name": "GPT-3.5",
      "cost": 0.1723

For example, the amount above I’ll have added to my account bill in the minutes since the UTC day flipped hasn’t even reached the 0.15/0.2 cents per 1000 yet for this model. About 900 total tokens in 22 requests. (this obtained from the network requests of the account usage page)