Receiving Partial Responses

Hello everyone,

We’re currently working on a project that involves retrieving a list of nested arrays for a span of five weeks, each containing specific keys and values. While we’ve successfully obtained the desired response for two weeks, we’re facing an issue with the third week where the number of days isn’t being returned correctly.

Despite making weekly API calls, we consistently receive a response indicating completion with a “stop” status. We’re wondering if there’s a way to discern from the response whether we should trigger a “continue” action to obtain the complete data set.

For context, here’s an example of the data structure we’re working with:

  { "weekNumber": 1, "days": [ { "day": 1 }, { "day": 2 } ] },
  { "weekNumber": 2, "days": [ { "day": 1 }, { "day": 2 } ] }

We’re seeking advice and solutions to ensure accurate retrieval of the dynamic number of days for each week. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!