Reccomendations for Datasets with Dialogue/Conversation on a wide variety of topics?

I am looking to enhance my chatbot function for my AI in development and I am looking to find some chat logs for doing so. The kind of conversation can be on any topic as long as it varies over time, and is similar to the kind of interaction seen in products like Emerson. I have found some datasets like the Movie Dialog Corpus, but I am looking for more general conversation topics in clear and concise spoken dialogue.

Any recommendations would be great! I am pursuing research in this further to enhance the capability for user interaction and would prefer logs that are between two entities.

Spoken, as in audio?

ASR datasets have transcripts built in, but you’ll quickly find that they are anything but clear and concise. human speech is messy.

Hi, thank you for responding.

Sorry that I did not clarify, I meant wording that represents spoken audio. Texting logs typically include phrases like “wdym” or other slang/shortened phrases. This is not optimal training data as the AI will be speaking out loud. Do you have any recommended resources?

Look at the link I provided. There are quite a few data sets.