Reading comprehension,no answer in texts, but GPT always answer, how to improve?

when doing reading comprehension,in fact no answer in texts, but GPT always answer, how to improve?
output confidence score? any other methods?

First improve the writing quality of your question, so it can be understood. Translate you native language with ChatGPT.

thanks. this question mainly focus on how GPT know that there are probably no answer in the texts. Do not try to answer those question other than answer unrelated parts.

You have to write the question with all the instructions about how the AI should operate.
Custom Instructions”, which is a new ChatGPT feature, can let you tell the AI how to operate permanently.

“Custom Instruction” example (use the bottom box for changing AI operation)

If the user provides a document for you to answer questions about, you must only answer questions by using the information in that document, focusing on passages contained in the document. If an answer cannot be extracted from the document, do not use your existing pretrained knowledge, instead output “document does not contain that information” or similar.

You can try both in English, and in the language that the user will use. English is very easy for the AI to understand.

Also, you should include the document in the same question as when you ask (separated by --- helps). The memory of ChatGPT is not very good.