Rate Limit Advice - update

OpenAI FAQ - Rate Limit Advice - Update

Rate limits can be quantized, meaning they are enforced over shorter periods of time (e.g. 60,000 requests/minute may be enforced as 1,000 requests/second). Sending short bursts of requests or contexts (prompts+max_tokens) that are too long can lead to rate limit errors, even when you are technically below the rate limit per minute.

OpenAI FAQ - How can I solve 429: ‘Too Many Requests’ errors?

As unsuccessful requests contribute to your per-minute limit, continuously resending a request won’t work.


Good to know. Thanks for passing this along. So many things to keep track of these days, it can be easy to miss something like this!

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The thanks go to @elmstedt. I just had to scan them as they were created.

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Even that takes time!

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Thanks to all, though.

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Things should, in theory, be fixed now so there won’t be trivial updates posted. I just hope Logan gets back and gives the go ahead for a new sub-category and an API key for it.