Quickapedia: Ask Questions, Get Answers!

I built a simple Q&A search engine using WordPress and OpenAI with the help of ChatGPT.

It’s called Quickapedia:

I am not a coder. I only know a little HTML. I built this purely by asking ChatGPT how to make this plugin, asking followup questions, and trial and error.

I know this isn’t perfect- the screen blanks out sometimes, it isn’t very “quick” at all, etc… but the fact that I was able to build this with no experience was SHOCKING to me. It got me really excited for the potential of OpenAI and exploring project ideas.

For now, I’m just using Quickapedia to do simple searches that I may have previously conducted on Google. It’s been boat loads of fun and why not own and control that data myself?

Not sure how or if I will develop this simple proof of concept further, but for now, I invite you to swing by and pull a quickie!


That is very well done for someone with the very little coding experience you described, @robj

Well done!



Great work @robj

ChatGPT is great tool for knowledge discovery. Glad to see this project.

I tried to mess with it given it’s GPT.

A lot of folks in the community would love to see a tutorial on how you built it.

Great job !

I’m interested by the “tag” function you implemented : for each question asked, you isolate some kind of “keywords” from the answer, and you are then able to direct users to a page with all related questions sharing the same keyword.

Did you asked the API to categorize questions and answers and build this taxonomy of tags ? or did you extract them from a local algorithm ? or is it a wordpress thing ?

This could be very interesting for my own project in which I task OpenAI to create children stories: it would be a great feature if they could be “tagged” (space, animals, school etc.).

AI Stories for my kids

thank you for sharing anyway :heart:

I hoped to do a tutorial, but my discussion with ChatGPT got so off-topic and unwieldy that I started new chat sessions to complete, and I believe some have since been deleted. Maybe I can double back and sort it all out.

Thanks for your feedback and kind words!

A little of both.

My prompt has an introduction, followed by an example with the following structure:

Question: Example question Here
Topics: Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3, Tag 4
Answer: Example answer here.


The Quickapedia website takes the prompt above, appends the input from the search bar upon click, and sends the combined text to the OpenAI API. The result is that it returns a comma-separated list of Topics followed by an “Answer:” on the next line.

I then asked ChatGPT to help me decode the API response and publish it as a new post where the query was the Post Title, the Answer was the Post Content, and each of the Topics was a tag. I had to ask questions and modify the code to figure out how to strip out unwanted characters and other weird things but it worked pretty flawlessly pretty quickly.

I haven’t had as much luck building other plugin ideas as quickly… but I’m getting close! If there are any developers out there who want to tag team on some projects, I’d be open to the idea of partnering!

thanks for the reply, clever use of the prompt is always the answer, I will try it out.