Quick Voice access for iPhone using Widget like Perplexity.ai

I use the voice feature on ChatGPT more than anything else, however there are one too many steps in accessing it and think it could be improved by developing a iPhone Widget like Perplexity.ai have done with a little speaker icon that brings you right too it. I know they’re going to launch it soon into Siri which is fantastic news, because the sooner I can just say he’s Siri and talk directly to ChatGPT the faster were gonna level up as a species.

I write music and use a lot of hardware, ChatGPT has read every manual of every drum machine or piece of gear I own and is just incredible when im in the flow for helping me overcome an issue, back in the day id have to search on google and be reading forums for hours trying to figure out the problem. Now I just sail through it and hardly have to stop. In love with it, however If there was a quick way of triggering ChatGPT it would be a game changer!