Question about customGPT knowledge cutoffs

Hi Everyone!

New to the forum, but pretty seasoned user of chat, but essentially looking to build a customGPT this time around. However, I was wondering if I publish my custom GPT now, either as private or public, does that make ChatGPT’s knowledge cut at that point in time? In other ways, I know that
making a customGPT allows me to essentially put boundaries on an existing ChatGPT model, but does that underlying model cut in terms of knowledge at the date of publishing or does it keep progressing as the ChatGPT basic model is updated, as frequently as it can be.

Moreover, does this behaviour vary between when I publish my GPT as a private one vs a public one?

Thanks everyone for your input!

No. The knowledge cutoff date is the same across the board for the gpt-4 model.

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Thank you for the clarification, short and sweet! Will write back for other associated questions if ever :slight_smile: