Question about conversations and assistant roles

I just want to verify that I understand how the assistant role works, if I were, for example, doing a ChatGPT style implementation:
I set the System role if I want, and then my prompt goes in the “user” role message. Then ChatGPT responds. If I continue the conversation, I send back the system role message, my previous user message, and then populate the assistant role message with its previous response, then add my new prompt as a user role message after that, and this continues back and forth.
Is that, more or less, correct?

sounds good :slight_smile: but you can send back whatever and whenever you like or even change the system message whenever you like. Just go into the playground and try yourself.

Yeah, I knew I could change the System message. I just wanted to make sure I understood the basic idea properly. My plan is to make the chat history editable.