Python's Silent Standoff with GPT-4-Vision-Preview - Seeking help!

Versions of Python that are supported are 3.7.1 to 3.11.5, and I would stay in the middle of that range for highest compatibility.

Then to use the latest openai library for python, which was even updated today, you would open a command prompt or shell, and then issue the python command:

pip install --upgrade openai

Which will now get you to version 1.3.0

If you would simply like a script that works for vision on your own files, I created one at this forum link just yesterday:

It will print the AI response to your request for image analysis, and also uses a method to get the rate limit header and token usage.

Then finally, an image coming from your own script, you have the ability to downsize, keeping the image to one or four tiles instead of up to sixteen, all being billed as prompt tokens.