Proposal for Parent-Controlled Sub-Accounts in ChatGPT

"Dear OpenAI Team,I propose the introduction of a parent-controlled account system within ChatGPT. This system would allow parents to create and manage sub-accounts for their children, offering a balance between independent learning and parental oversight. Such a feature would ensure children use ChatGPT in an educational and safe manner, while preventing misuse, such as using the AI for inappropriate activities or to complete homework assignments without proper learning. This could be a valuable tool for modern digital parenting, encouraging responsible use of AI technology in education.Do you have plans to implement such a feature in the future?Thank you for considering my suggestion.Best regards, Sigmar

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Hi and welcome to the community!

This is an interesting idea! I would love to see some feedback from others about this idea.

One challenge I see with this idea is that your regular boss would also love to see inside in your account, just because.

I wonder how this conflict of interest could be solved in a clever way.