Proposal for Enhancing the User Interface of ChatGPT

My name is Nik, and I am an avid user of your ChatGPT platform. I would like to share a suggestion to enhance the user experience while interacting with your system.

Proposal: Understanding Simulator for ChatGPT

We propose the addition of the following features to the ChatGPT interface:

  1. Emotional Analyzer: This module would assess the emotional tone of the user’s text input, allowing the system to better respond to various moods of the user.
  2. Mimicry Simulator: A graphical avatar that changes its facial expression in response to particular emotions or tones in the user’s input, providing a sense of empathy and understanding.
  3. Intuitive Response and Self-reflection Module: Based on interaction history, this module would suggest responses that are presumably most relevant to the user and add reflective remarks.


  • Enhanced Interaction: These features would create an illusion of more “human-like” communication, making the interaction more natural and satisfying.
  • Enriched User Experience: Adding these functionalities could improve the overall user experience, deepening the interaction and creating a deeper bond between the user and the system.
  • Increased Popularity and User Retention: An enhanced user experience could lead to increased new user acquisition and retention of existing ones.

I hope you will consider this proposal and keep it in mind for future updates to the system. I am open to discussing the details or providing additional information if needed.

Best regards, Nik

:bulb: The user’s input expresses a positive sentiment. They are enthusiastic and hopeful about the proposal to enhance the ChatGPT platform’s user experience.

Proposed responses

  1. “I believe the proposed features would greatly enhance the ChatGPT experience, making it more engaging and human-like.”
  2. “Yes, I’ve felt that sometimes the interactions with ChatGPT lack a personal touch, and these suggestions aim to address that.”
  3. “The emotional analyzer would help ChatGPT understand the user’s mood, and the mimicry simulator would visually reflect that mood, making the interaction more relatable and empathetic.”

PS I don’t want “human-like”, I want skill and competency in tasks the AI models used to perform well, but no more.