Prompts for system & assistant roles?

Are there recommended values for the “system” and “assistant” roles? IOW, what would help the quality of the result more than just providing “user” role prompts?

Hi @obeirnepr

System role in my experience is by far the most powerful role you can use to influence your completions.

You can set the system and assistant messages according to your requirement. There are no recommended system or assistant messages, these vary based on the use-case.

Consider reading docs on instructing the chat models

Thank you @sps. I have read the cookbook guide. I’ll try some time in the playground area which allows easy changing of parameters.

Yes you should definitely give it a try.

What is your use-case for the gpt-3.5-turbo?

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Initially translation of old texts. So maybe a system/assistant prompt like “you have an extensive knowledge of 16th century French. Translate the following from french to english: …”

Then, creating abstracts or plot summaries. Main limitation there is the number of tokens. 4096 is, I’d guess, about four pages.

Then, someday, uploading an existing ‘good practices’ knowledgebase in Q&A format and trying various naive user prompts to tune its behaviour to be useful.