Prompt model with list of strings and ranked importance

Are there any best practices for prompting either 3.5 or 4 with a list of strings in an order of importance? For example, let’s say I want to generate cover letters based off a job listing and a resume. The resume is chunked at each section, and the sections go from most important to least important. Are there any guides/best practices for this kind of strategy?

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What kind of results are you getting when you just ask for a relevant cover letter given the job listing and resume?

I’m getting a cover letter written just fine, but want to know if there is a way to weight certain parts of the resume more so than others. The results are okay, but am hoping this would make the results better. I also am getting some made up responses, I know this could be because the temperature, but am hoping that weighting certain sections more so than others will make the responses better.

You could try something like a re-ranking model.

Basically, have the re-ranking model rank the individual resume sections with respect to the job description text, then re-order the resume based on that ranking.

The message for generating the cover letter would then include something about the most important/relevant/whatever sections of the resume being listed first and to take that into account when drafting the cover letter.

Alternately, you could choose to approach it iteratively.

Basically, you’d first send the job listing to a model asking it to identify the most important elements. Next, you’d send it that context and the resume, asking the model to identify elements of the resume which address the important elements in the job description.

You essentially want to get to the point where you create a hybrid document which amalgamates the job description with parts of the resume, think of a two-column table with elements of the job description on the left and corresponding elements of the resume on the right.

Then, with that in hand, you’d ask the model to generate the cover letter.

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Thank you! Both of these are very helpful, so will test these out.