Prompt help - fix grammar in transcript

Hi folks!

I am a bit stuck as a non-native speaker or proofreader - I cannot figure out the correct way or parameter combination for fixing the transcript. Here is the example:

This is the original machine transcribed text:

Amila from Bychkov, then in this video, I will continue showing you the updates that we have done to our models feature a new set of models that can help you analyze text and to make lots of promises in this video. I will introduce you to cover the key words and how you can set up custom made key words instruction from different text. In this video, I will show you how to extract key points and the summary. So this works in the following.
So let’s first extract the summary, which can be very useful if you want to summarize text in a single sentence or multiple sentences, and you can use them, for example, to work with the transcripts of the meetings. If you use if you go to the meetings and then the transcripts and then it can be used to summarize different text and send you summaries every morning. For example, if you receive lots of incoming, lots of incoming requests and etc.

As you can see, there are many grammar and syntaxis errors. I can’t get the prompt to fix them.

Any hints?

I was thinking to try rephrasing, but I am worried that it can lose the topic or some terms.

Hi there, you could try providing examples of that kind of language being corrected. I tried making an attempt, but I realised that I don’t know what the excerpt is trying to say, so I couldn’t really make an example out of it.

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Hello joey! Thanks for the tip, I was thinking that GPT-3 should pick up the grammar real fast (there is an example about it). But I guess when the text is longer, it requires a bit more context. I’ve added one example, but I guess it is not enough, it still makes a serious grammar mistake repeating it. Maybe I should try to ask to paraphrase it instead?

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