Producing Mega Content Using GPT 4

Hi, I want to produce mega amounts of content using GPT 4 and I need to ask something from experts here.

  1. I want to create an agent that scrapes content and rewrites it in a certain way, then publishes it on my website. Is this possible? Any other recommendations to cut costs and time are appreciated.

  2. The amount of content that I want to publish is estimated to be around 6 Million and about 2000 words each. I would love to get a cost estimate on this and recommendations.

  3. Does Open AI offer reduced pricing for heavy usage users?

  4. For example, if I were to develop an AI Agent with the capability to solve crimes, it would need to crawl and search through both my website database and external sources. Its purpose would be to uncover missing links, solve puzzles, and piece together vital information to crack the case. Is this something that an AI could do?

Possible? Yes. Legal and ethical? Probably not.

6,000,000 \times 2,000 \times \frac{4}{3} \approx 16,000,000,000 tokens. Assuming roughly the same number of input and output tokens, that’s about $640,000 USD.

Not really, but feel free to contact sales.

Yes. If you have the skill necessary to build the scaffolding around the AI in order to help guide it in this task.