Problems with Audio-to-Text Transcription Using PHP: Issues Sending File Path to OpenAI API

Description: I’m facing hurdles while attempting to transcribe audio to text using PHP and the OpenAI API. My aim is to send an audio file to the API to receive the corresponding transcription, but I’m encountering issues when passing the file path in the request. I’ve tried various solutions, including encoding the file path and manipulating cURL requests, but so far, I’ve had no success.

Additional Context:

  • I’m utilizing PHP to manage server logic and communicate with the OpenAI API.
  • I’m use native libraries.
  • I’ve verified that the audio file exists at the specified location and that I have the correct API credentials.
  • I’ve reviewed the OpenAI API documentation and followed the provided examples, but still can’t resolve the issue.
  • I’d appreciate guidance or suggestions on how to properly send the file path to the OpenAI API and receive the corresponding transcription.

Community Questions:

  1. Has anyone else encountered similar issues when sending audio files to the OpenAI API from PHP?
  2. Are there specific considerations I should be aware of when handling cURL requests in PHP for such operations?
  3. Is there an alternative or different approach I could try to solve this problem?
  4. Are there common pitfalls I should avoid when working with the OpenAI API for audio-to-text transcription?

I appreciate any help or advice the community can offer. Thank you in advance for your collaboration!