Prevent the assistant from citing sources

Hello there, I was looking for topics in the community and it seems that everyone wants the assistant mention sources, my question is how do I prevent the Assistant GPT from mentioning sources like “【29†source】”.

Clearly it is a Assistant with retrieval on and it is a Q&A style chatbot and I need the chatbot not mention sources

I am connecting to it in Botpress

Thank you very much

The model needs instructions what else it should do if it should not follow the trained behavior.
Something along the lines of “instead of mentioning the sources explicitly simply state that you found this information in your knowledgebase”.
You will have to work with the prompt a bit.

I did it, I told him not to mention the database and not make any reference to it, nor put those source messages

You can just strip them out of the language with your code.

I whipped up a code snippet previously.


Thanks a lot! it worked! I just set it to javascript

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Hi Aaron,

I am also using the botpress integration, mind sharing how you removed the annotations when using botpress integration?

@aaron7k tagging you for attention, can you please share how did you remove annotations when using botpress integration?