Please release the agents without the threads

This is just a suggestion. The idea of the agents is excellent and very useful. Nonetheless., the implementation with the threads all the the API calls is not practical. My suggestion is to give us the possibility to create the agents with the files and then call the agents specified in a variable like a normal API call. One option is the agent comes already with the files attached or you can open another variable for files.

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I tried again today, so we need an agent, a file, a thread and a run?.

That is a bit complicated.

My suggestion is let us specific agents and files in the normal chat calls. For those who wants the intricate algorithm of threads and runs we can keep that possibility.

Who agrees with me?


I think it will get massive use and better implementation. if the agents can be created and called by a simple API call. Personally I work in the medical field, we are creating agents that can do medical notes. With the use of agents and files accuracy of the notes can be increased by 10-20% but currently is too complicated for implementation.

Any help???

Let me give you an example. I Am building an APP to make medical documentation easier. With the agents I can make those notes more specific to lets say a cardiologist, or a surgeon depending on the request. it also let me include documents such prior list of notes for example to make this documents more specific. Making a request directly with an agent and file without the treads or run would make the logic easier for production. Thank you!

Why not just use the chat endpoint? You can still create multiple agents with a simple .json file.

Thanks for reply, Can you point out the documentation, I don’t see where you can add agents to chat completion?

I typed out a solution to basically rebuild the whole assistants API and realized it’s more complex and you’re trying to avoid that. So what exactly are you having issues with when using the threads? The only thing you really need to worry about with threads is keeping the thread id and passing it to the run.

Yes, the problem with the threads is that you have to create 3 multiple things, threads, Files, Agents and then a run? at the end is very complicated. I am requesting to let us use agents and files with chat requests…

I think the community will like it if we can use Agents and files in simple chat request, we can have a data base of agents and files and call it depending on the situation. Thanks.