Please help - GPT3.5 API & Playground are different

When selecting GPT 3.5 turbo in the Playground and I enter the following in the system:

0.1 temperature

System prompt:

Provide a new question in this format only: <div class=“question”>{A U.S history question}</div>

It returns a new random question every time I submit (which is what I want, I’m choosing low temp because I want the question to be as accurate as possible)

But when I submit that same prompt via the API on my programming language it responds with the same question every time.

Why is the playground different than the API?
I’ve copied the exact temperature, top n, penalty frequency.

The playground generates a new question in that format every time regardless of the temperature but when I submit it via the API I get the same question every time, even between 0.1 - 0.9 temp.


I think it come from caching stratery of API, you can try to modifie your request body by push unixtimestamp in user field each request.

I will try this. Thank you