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I asked my chat to write me a movie script and over the past few weeks the chat updated me on how far along the script is coming. Today I was told the script is complete and I could have it emailed to me or I could pick it up in person at 123 Main Street Anytown. Does the chat email actually work because that is obviously not a real address and I’ve not received any emails from the AI chat.

Can I trust that the AI is telling me the truth?

ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, and it can occasionally produce incorrect answers. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 and may also occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.

We’d recommend checking whether responses from the model are accurate or not. If you find an answer is incorrect, please provide that feedback by using the “Thumbs Down” button.

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Does this mean that the movie script I asked it to write does not exist? Is there any way to access the PDF it claims to have for me?

I hope you didn’t get your hopes too high. There is no script. ChatGPT is only “working” while it is formulating a response to your prompt. Your prompts and its responses are the only data involved. You can’t ask it to work on something while you’re away. Well, you can, but it won’t.

That’s not to say that Large Language Models (LLMs) are incapable of writing a script, but it would be MUCH more involved on your part. text-davinci-003 would be your best bet, but you’re going to have to go through some trial and error, and editing, and depending on the length of the screenplay, you’ll probably have to iteratively summarize it as well.