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I am completely new to AI and hardly know anything about coding. I have been playing around with the playground just asking random questions and whenever I ask the date “davinci” always gives me the wrong answer. I also ask the time and it gives me a wrong time. But when I rebut the answer it tells me that I’m right and my calendar and clock is correct. If someone could also help me with how to run the engine properly that would be great. I have a great idea on how AI can help benefit the entire world any help to see my ideas come to life would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Noah,

Thanks for your questions.

The API is a text interface that does not have access to the Internet or current events. In other words, it can’t “pull facts” like the current date and time, weather, stock prices, and so on. I’d use other APIs for that kind of information.

Rather, it’s used for things like generating and classifying text, by predicting the next words in a sequence.

I’d suggest jumping into the documentation to get an overview of how the API works and how you can interface with the language models in different ways.

The example prompts are also a great way to see examples of how other people are using the API.


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Is it possible for the API to predict the current date and time? When I first tested out Q&A on the playground it gave me the correct answer for both.

That’s really impressive, but it’s just coincidence.