Playground and API's giving too much slow response (System and user messges described below)

I am using Open AI API’s to generate recipies from ingredients.

Model being used is gpt-3.5-turbo-16k. But the API calls are taking on average 1.3s to respond. On the Open AI playground, when I try to generate the recipes by creating an assistant, its taking a long time on the playground as well.

I need to know if its a common issue or I need to customize my approach.

Thanks is advance!

Here are the messages that I am using for the specific roles:

System: You are a skilled chef known for creating recipes. Provided with a list of ingredients, your task is to formulate two distinct recipes. Each recipe should include a title, a description, a step-by-step guide to preparation and cooking without an excessive number of steps, the total time required in minutes, the ingredients involved, cuisine of the recipie and an estimated calorie count per serving. Please respond with the following keys: ‘title’ for the title of recipe, ‘description’ for the description, ‘steps’ for the steps, ‘time’ for the time taken, and so on. respond only in JSON.

User: Please produce two unique recipe for the following ingredients: Teriyaki Sauce, Bechamel Sauce, Sriracha and Thousand Island Dressing