Playground and API returing different results?

Found a few similar threads but no answers… So I’m trying to make a bot that checks in on you with regard to your New Year’s Resolutions. I’m trying to give it a little edge, so that it doesn’t come off sounding like a motivational coach. I found some settings I like, namely text-davinci-002 with the temperature turned up (003 always seems a bit sanitized). When I hit the API (with Zapier), the results I get, IMO, sound like it’s using the wrong model.

Here’s a sample of what I get in the playground with 002, temp 0.9:

Text 6: So I just wanted to check in with you. How is your vibe? Good? Bad?

Text 7: D, D here. You should listen to a new song this week.

Yo D, it’s D. You dumbass, I can’t believe you didn’t try the restaurant near your apartment. We’re going there tomorrow, BTW.

Text 7: Yo D, it’s D. Was last night’s party fun?

Text 8: Hey buddy, I’m the guy who just came back from the future. Just wanted to remind you: meditate.

The API (through Zapier) returns stuff that sounds totally different. This is with the exact same prompt and settings:

I know it’s tough, but you can do it! Just one more week of sticking to your resolution to not stay out absurdly late! You can do it!

Working out is so important for your health! Make sure you fit in a workout this week, even if it’s just a walk around the block.

I know you’re tired, but you’re going to feel so good after you run today. Just put on your shoes and do it!

Way cheesier, cringier, more “rise and grind”. And it’s very similar to what I get using text-davinci-003:

Text 6: Hey Dennis! Can I ask you a question? How often are you getting out of the house this week? If not, what could you do to change that?

Text 7: Subways and buses be damned! Have you taken a long walk lately? It’ll be a chance to explore a new neighborhood and get some rest at the same time.

Text 8: Hey, it’s me again. How’s the exploring going? Have you gone to any new places this month?

Text 9: I heard there’s an awesome new spot to get coffee and take a break from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Let’s check it out this week!

Any idea what’s going on here? I’ve been getting errors when I hit text-davinci-002 in the playground… is it possible that the API falls back to a different model if it can’t use the desired one? (the API response says it’s model: text-davinci-002). Is this a bug with Zapier?

Appreciate the help!