Person identification evaluations: Restriction might be too tight

As stated in the GPT-4 Vision System Card dated September 25, 2023, certain restrictions have been implemented within the system to safeguard privacy. However, I find it somewhat perplexing and seemingly unnecessary that the system is constrained from recognizing individuals who are prominent public figures, particularly those who have passed away.

Here some examples:


Dont you find it a bit to restrictive?

Restrictive yes, but where does one draw the line at who is a prominent public figure? Who is responsible for making that determination?

The simplest and most effective strategy to ensure the models are used safely is to disallow the identification of all people.


Here is what ChatGPT suggests:

  • Establish Decision-Making Responsibility: Determine who within your organization or project team is responsible for making the determination of whether an individual qualifies as a prominent public figure. This could be a dedicated committee, an ethics board, or another relevant group.

  • Public Input and Transparency: To ensure transparency and fairness, consider seeking input from the public or relevant stakeholders when making decisions about recognizing prominent public figures. This can help avoid bias and ensure a balanced approach.

  • Continuous Review and Updates: Recognize that the definition of a prominent public figure can change over time, and the guidelines should be subject to periodic review and updates to stay current with societal norms.

  • Safety Measures: Evaluate the potential risks associated with recognizing individuals, even prominent public figures. Ensure that adequate safety measures, including privacy protection and data security, are in place to mitigate these risks.

  • Decision on Recognition: Based on the established criteria and input, decide on whether to allow the identification of prominent public figures within the system or to maintain the restriction on recognizing all individuals.

  • Communicate the Decision: Once a decision is made, communicate it clearly to all relevant stakeholders, including the helpdesk and end-users.

I think there are a lot of good pieces of advice. Fundamentally is important to have a good communication plan to provide to the users.