Performance question Custom GPT Actions

Hi this basic action to log a meal takes 15 seconds, that seems really excessive. In Network profiler, I’m seeing 12.30 seconds for content download and 5 seconds for server response, why does it take so long to download the content?

[debug] Calling HTTP endpoint
“domain”: “”,
“method”: “post”,
“path”: “/insert-food-entries”,
“operation”: “insert_food_entries_post”,
“operation_hash”: “96d0d09c7c943524351b34a32ee3b9b25d0440c8”,
“is_consequential”: false,
“params”: {
“food_entries”: [
“food_name”: “Banana”,
“serving_size”: “1 medium”,
“calories”: 105,
“protein_grams”: 1.3,
“carbs_grams”: 27,
“fats_grams”: 0.3,
“meal_type”: “snack”,
“consumed_at”: “2024-01-30T16:01:58-05:00”
[debug] Response received
“response_data”: “Food entries were logged”,
“status_code”: 200,
“action_id”: “g-a70a6383ba90406c19d84f3965dd9a3d01902fcc”