Paying (Plus) Member - unable to use (no chatgpt)


I am writing to report that I am unable to login to ChatGPT, despite being a paying Plus member. For the past two days, when I try to log in but without success

Further, this link >> chat dot openai dot com

redirects me to this page having this text " Free Research Preview. ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts. [ChatGPT September 25 Version]

I have tried everything but to no success

I am very disappointed that I am unable to access ChatGPT, as I rely on it for my work. I would appreciate it if you could investigate this issue and help me to resolve it as soon as possible.

You can look at a long list of this symptom, the cause, and the remedies here:

For most affected users, this should have passed. A new refresh of ChatGPT now no longer uses the affected domain name that doesn’t load.