Parent-Child conversation

So I was thinking about how to make GPT more personal. Personal as in have a year long conversation with it and come up with the idea of having a parent conversation and child conversations.

How it would work would be to give it a lot of information and keep giving it updated information in parent convo. It could be what you work with, your personal life etc. And then you use that to start child conversations about whatever. Less clutter in the parent convo and you can erase the child and create new ones and gpt will kind of know you already. So me starting a child convo and just type in “wifes bday soon. What should i buy” would be so much better if i for a year have been giving gpt info about who I am, who my wife is as a person etc.

So we need OpenAI to change the API for this to be possible?

It seems so to me… Even though I have a “conversation_id” in the answer, there is no support to use it.